Yoga Recovery (Y12SR)

Y12SR Yoga Recovery

Y12SR is a program that couples the practical tools of 12 Step Programs and cognitive addiction methodologies with the ancient art and science of yoga, neuroscience and trauma healing.  

This class is ALL inclusive and is welcoming to anyone struggling with any addiction or for those who have a loved one who suffers.  

What to Expect... 

A Y12SR meeting consists of

  • 45 minute yoga class
  • 45 minutes discussion based on 12 Step principles

During this class we will connect the bridge between the healing of the body and mind through movement.  

Available Y12SR Meetings...

I am currently holding space at 2116 S. Minnesota Ave., Ste 8 on the following days:

  • TBD

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Please choose the time/date that works best for your appointment: 

Y12SR meetings are donation based only.  There is a suggested donation but nobody will be turned away… YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT than your money.

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