Reiki Packages

Energetically Heal with Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. it works on the subtle body (energetic body) strengthening our life force energy. It aids in balancing the mind, the body and the soul providing the body the opportunity to do what it does best -- heal itself. 

Packages Available:
Reiki for Healing

Balance the chakra energy within, and bring focus to the area of the body in need of healing whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  

Reiki for Recovery

Balance the chakra energy within, and bring focus to balancing the chakra energy most affected by each individual’s addiction or substance of choice.  

*Requirement of 24 hours substance free*

Reiki for Cancer

As a breast cancer survivor, I have experienced the physical, emotional and spiritual pain associated with treatment and the lasting effects during survivorship.  During this session, I will focus on the area’s in which the cancer is residing in the body or was removed from.  

Reiki for Trauma

Every person has experienced trauma, and each traumatic event is specific to the individual who experienced it. In this session we will focus on current known unhealed trauma, generational trauma or unrevealed childhood trauma.  

Reiki Monthly Membership

This monthly membership is for those who are looking to remain consistent with their healing journey.  This membership offers 2 reiki sessions per month with free access to my library of meditation and yoga videos. 

Reiki Intensive Healing

This package is for those in need of an intense dive into healing. This package includes:

  • 4 private 1-hour reiki sessions
  • 2 private yoga sessions.  

This package is intended for use within one month for the most impactful healing. 

5th Step with Reiki experience

Designed for those in recovery ready to take the 5th step. I will provide a private, relaxing space to share your 4th step.  After discussing your 5th step, I will perform a mini reiki session to help release stress, emotions and anxiety to help prepare you for steps 6 and 7.  

This session is a NO cost session for those in recovery ready to take the 5th step.  

Enhance Healing with Consistent Reiki Sessions through our Continuous Healing Monthly Membership Program