Recovery Support

You Are Not Alone in Your Recovery

I have walked the path of addiction. Today I am a grateful recovering alcoholic of 11 years (and counting!)  Nine of those years I merely existed but today I can say... the last two years of my life I have been living.

My mission is to light the path for those souls who are still struggling, that they may find the beauty in a life of recovery. 

Packages Available:
5th Step with Reiki experience

Designed for those in recovery ready to take the 5th step. I will provide a private, relaxing space to share your 4th step.  After discussing your 5th step, I will perform a mini reiki session to help release stress, emotions and anxiety to help prepare you for steps 6 and 7.  

This session is a NO cost session for those in recovery ready to take the 5th step.  

Reiki for Recovery

Balance the chakra energy within, and bring focus to balancing the chakra energy most affected by each individual’s addiction or substance of choice.  

*Requirement of 24 hours substance free*

Y12SR Yoga Recovery

Y12SR is a program that couples the practical tools of 12 Step Programs and cognitive addiction methodologies with the ancient art and science of yoga, neuroscience and trauma healing.  

Enhance Healing with Consistent Reiki Sessions through our Continuous Healing Monthly Membership Program